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Notification Items Regarding Advertising etc.

This document is a translation of the original written in Japanese and not officially valid.

Notification items pursuant to Article 37 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law
(This Notification is only applicable to where report is distributed by Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd.)

If you decide to enter into a business arrangement with our company based on the information described in materials presented along with this cover letter, we ask you to pay close attention to the following items.
In addition to the purchase price of a financial instrument, our company will collect a trading commission* for each transaction as agreed beforehand with you. Since commissions may be included in the purchase price or may not be charged for certain transactions, we recommend that you confirm the commission for each transaction. In some cases, our company also may charge a maximum of \ 2 million (including tax) per year as a standing proxy fee for our deposit of your securities, if you are a non-resident.
For derivative and margin transactions etc., our company may require collateral or margin requirements in accordance with an agreement made beforehand with you. Ordinarily in such cases, the amount of the transaction will be in excess of the required collateral or margin requirements**.
There is a risk that you will incur losses on your transactions due to changes in the market price of financial instruments based on fluctuations in interest rates, exchange rates, stock prices, real estate prices, commodity prices, and others. In addition, depending on the content of the transaction, the loss could exceed the amount of the collateral or margin requirements.
There may be a difference between bid price etc. and ask price etc. of OTC derivatives handled by our company.
Before engaging in any trading, please thoroughly confirm accounting and tax treatments regarding your trading in financial instruments with such experts as certified public accountants.
* The amount of the trading commission cannot be stated here in advance because it will be determined between our company and you based on current market conditions and the content of each transaction etc.
** The ratio of margin requirements etc. to the amount of the transaction cannot be stated here in advance because it will be determined between our company and you based on current market conditions and the content of each transaction etc.

When making an actual transaction, please be sure to carefully read the materials presented to you prior to the execution of agreement, and to take responsibility for your own decisions regarding the signing of the agreement with our company.

Corporate Name: Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd.
Registered: Financial Instruments Business Operator Chief of Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kin-sho) No.108
Memberships: Japan Securities Dealers Association, The Financial Futures Association of Japan, Japan Investment Advisers Association, Type II Financial Instruments Firms Association


This report is provided as a reference for making investment decisions and is not intended to be a solicitation for investment. Investment decisions should be made at your own discretion and risk. Content herein is based on information available at the time the report was prepared and may be amended or otherwise changed in the future without notice. We make no representations as to the accuracy or completeness. Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd. retains all rights related to the content of this report, which may not be redistributed or otherwise transmitted without prior consent.


Issues are rated 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 as follows:
   1: Outperform TOPIX/benchmark index by more than 15% over the next 12 months.
   2: Outperform TOPIX/benchmark index by 5-15% over the next 12 months.
   3: Out/underperform TOPIX/benchmark index by less than 5% over the next 12 months.
   4: Underperform TOPIX/benchmark index by 5-15% over the next 12 months.
   5: Underperform TOPIX/benchmark index by more than 15% over the next 12 months.

Benchmark index: TOPIX for Japan, S&P 500 for US, STOXX Europe 600 for Europe, HSI for Hong Kong, STI for Singapore, KOSPI for Korea, TWII for Taiwan, and S&P/ASX 200 for Australia.


Conflicts of Interest: Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd. may currently provide or may intend to provide investment banking services or other services to the company referred to in this report. In such cases, said services could give rise to conflicts of interest for Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd.

Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd. and Daiwa Securities Group Inc.: Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Daiwa Securities Group Inc.

Ownership of Securities: Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd. may currently, or in the future, own or trade either securities issued by the company referred to in this report or other securities based on such financial instruments. Daiwa Securities Group has filed major shareholding reports for the following companies of which it owns over 5% (as of 29 March 2019): SEEDHEIWA (1739); DAISUE CONSTRUCTION (1814); S-Pool (2471); HONYAKU Center (2483); ValueCommerce (2491); SecuAvail (3042); Sanyo Trading (3176); Nippon Healthcare Investment Corporation (3308); TAISEI (3359); SAKAI OVEX (3408); KFC (3420); Samty Residential Investment Corporation (3459); KI-STAR REAL ESTATE (3465); Ooedo Onsen Reit Investment Corporation (3472); XYMAX REIT Investment Corporation (3488); AZOOM (3496); WILLPLUS Holdings (3538); Neos (3627); GMO Pepabo (3633); PAPYLESS (3641); istyle (3660); Ateam (3662); Enigmo (3665); CRI Middleware (3698); TECHMATRIX (3762); Alphax Food System (3814); ASTERIA (3853); Double Standard (3925); ULURU (3979); TEMONA (3985); Rasa Industries (4022); TAOKA CHEMICAL (4113); ASAHI YUKIZAI (4216); TAKE AND GIVE. NEEDS (4331); BPLATS (4381); Accrete (4395); System Support (4396); TeamSpirit (4397); eSOL (4420); Amazia (4424); DKS (4461); OncoTherapy Science (4564); Gene Techno Science (4584); Focus Systems (4662); Nippon Computer Dynamics (4783); Nippon Shikizai (4920); HABA LABORATORIES (4925); OAT Agrio (4979); YOTAI REFRACTORIES (5357); NIPPON KINZOKU (5491); NIPPON SHINDO (5753); TOKYO ROPE MFG. (5981); Trenders (6069); WILL GROUP (6089); Myotoku (6265); EBARA JITSUGYO (6328); Sansei Technologies (6357); SANSO ELECTRIC (6518); internet infinity (6545); MS&Consulting (6555); Convano (6574); HUMAN ASSOCIATES HOLDINGS (6575); logly (6579); TDK (6762); UNIDEN HOLDINGS (6815); ADVANTEST (6857); ACMOS (6888); TAIYO YUDEN (6976); BRIDGE International (7039); Astmax (7162); GMO Financial Holdings (7177); Mortgage Service Japan (7192); HATSUHO SHOUJI (7425); SK JAPAN (7608); Daiko Denshi Tsushin (8023); FamilyMart UNY Holdings (8028); LOOK HOLDINGS (8029); Money Partners Group (8732); FUJI (8860); Daiwa Office Investment Corporation (8976); Japan Rental Housing Investments (8986); Boutiques (9272); VISION (9416); EF-ON (9514); SAN HOLDINGS (9628); ISB (9702); UNIMAT Retirement Community (9707); Imperial Hotel (9708); GAKKYUSHA (9769); NIHON DENKEI (9908); FAST RETAILING (9983).

Lead Management: Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd. has lead-managed public offerings and/or secondary offerings (excluding straight bonds) in the past twelve months for the following companies: HOKUTO (1379); E J Holdings (2153); Pasona Group (2168); SANKEI REAL ESTATE (2972); UNIZO Holdings (3258); Activia Properties (3279); Tokyu Fudosan Holdings (3289); One REIT (3290); Hulic Reit (3295); Tosei Reit Investment Corporation (3451); Samty Residential Investment Corporation (3459); Mitsui Fudosan Logistics Park (3471); Mitsubishi Estate Logistics REIT Investment Corporation (3481); ITOCHU Advance Logistics Investment Corporation (3493); ATLED (3969); RAKSUL (4384); Mercari (4385); Bank of Innovation (4393); System Support (4396); Ricksoft (4429); Smaregi (4431); Serverworks (4434); kaonavi (4435); Tobila Systems (4441); Atrae (6194); IWAKI (6237); DAIDO KOGYO (6373); Renesas Electronics (6723); CRG HOLDINGS (7041); ACCESS GROUP HOLDINGS (7042); PORT (7047); COPRO-HOLDINGS (7059); Japan Investment Adviser (7172); GMO Financial Holdings (7177); JAPAN POST INSURANCE (7181); TAKASHO (7590); O-WELL (7670); THE SHIMIZU BANK (8364); Global One Real Estate Investment Corporation (8958); Daiwa House REIT Investment Corporation (8984); Japan Hotel REIT Investment Corporation (8985); NARUMIYA INTERNATIONAL (9275); Enex Infrastructure Investment Corporation (9286); Smartvalue (9417); SoftBank (9434). (list as of 4 April 2019)

Target Prices: Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd. sets target prices based on its analystsf earnings estimates for subject companies. Risks to target prices include, but are not limited to, unexpected significant changes in subject companiesf earnings trends and the macroeconomic environment.

1) As of 26 April 2016, Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd., its parent company Daiwa Securities Group Inc., GMO Financial Holdings, Inc., and its subsidiary GMO CLICK Securities, Inc. concluded a basic agreement for the establishment of a business alliance between the four companies. As of end-December 2017, Daiwa Securities Group Inc. owned shares in GMO Financial Holdings, Inc. equivalent to approximately 9.3% of the latterfs outstanding shares. Given future developments in and benefits from the prospective business alliance, Daiwa Securities Group Inc. could boost its stake in GMO Financial Holdings, Inc. to up to 20% of outstanding shares.

2) Daiwa Real Estate Asset Management is a subsidiary of Daiwa Securities Group Inc. and serves as the asset management company for the following J-REITS: Daiwa Office Investment Corporation (8976), Nippon Healthcare Investment Corporation (3308), Japan Rental Housing Investments (8986).

3) On 15 January 2018, Daiwa Securities Group Inc. entered into a sponsor support agreement with Samty Residential Investment and Samty Residential Investmentfs asset management company Samty Asset Management. Under the agreement, Daiwa Securities Group Inc. will provide several forms of support including the provision of various types of information, the formation of bridge funds, and cooperation in securing human resources at Samty Asset Management. On 1 February 2018, Daiwa Securities Group Inc. acquired 33% of shares outstanding in Samty Asset Management.

4) This report is not intended for distribution to or use by any person in the United States. Securities issued by NEC Corporation have been suspended from registration in the U.S. and are subject to an order of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission dated June 17, 2008, pursuant to Section 12(j) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. This document is not a recommendation or inducement of any purchase or sale of such securities by any person or entity located in the U.S. Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd. disclaims any responsibility to any such person with respect to the content of this document. Any U.S. person receiving a copy of this report should disregard it.